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Advisory Opinions Index: Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches
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Opinions are listed according to canon number and include:

  • Title of the opinion
  • Author(s)
  • Roman Replies and CLSA Advisory Opinions volume, with page span
  • CLSA Advisory Opinion Compilation volume (if applicable), with page span

Each opinion includes a link to the CLSA online store where the appropriate Roman Replies and CLSA Advisory Opinions volume may be downloaded or purchased in print format. CLSA members may download the files for free and receive a discount on printed volumes. If applicable, links to the CLSA Advisory Opinion Compilation volumes are also included for each opinion.

Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches

TITLE I: The Rights and Obligations of All the Christian Faithful (canons 7-26) TITLE XVI: Divine Worship and Especially the Sacraments (canons 667-895)
TITLE II: Churches Sui Iuris and Rites (canons 27-41) TITLE XVII: Baptized Non-Catholics Coming into Full Communion with the Catholic Church (canons 896-901)
TITLE III: The Supreme Authority of the Church (canons 42-54) TITLE XVIII: Ecumenism or Fostering the Unity of Christians (canons 902-908)
TITLE IV: The Patriarchal Churches (canons 55-150) TITLE XIX: Persons and Juridic Acts (canons 909-935)
TITLE V: The Major Archiepiscopal Churches (canons 151-154) TITLE XX: Offices (canons 936-978)
TITLE VI: Metropolitan Churches and Other Churches Sui Iuris (canons 155-176) TITLE XXI: The Power of Governance (canons 979-995)
TITLE VII: Eparchies and Bishops (canons 177-310) TITLE XXII: Recourse Against Administrative Decrees (canons 996-1006)
TITLE VIII: Exarchies and Exarchs (canons 311-321) TITLE XXIII: The Temporal Goods of the Church (canons 1007-1054)
TITLE IX: Assemblies of Hierarchs of Several Churches Sui Iuris (canon 322) TITLE XXIV: Trials in General (canons 1055-1184)
TITLE X: Clerics (canons 323-398) TITLE XXV: The Contentious Trial (canons 1185-1356)
Title XI: Lay Persons (canons 399-409) TITLE XXVI: Certain Special Procedures (canons 1357-1400)
TITLE XII: Monks and Other Religious as well as Members of Other Institutes of Consecrated Life (canons 410-572) TITLE XXVII: Penal Sanctions in the Church (canons 1401-1467)
TITLE XIII: Associations of the Christian Faithful (canons 573-583) TITLE XXVIII: The Procedure for Imposing Penalties (canons 1468-1487)
TITLE XIV: Evangelization of Nations (canons 584-594) TITLE XXIX: Law, Custom, and Administrative Acts (canons 1488-1540)
TITLE XV: The Ecclesiastical Magisterium (canons 595-666) TITLE XXX: Prescription and the Computation of Time (canons 1541-1546)


Preliminary Canons-Title XV: No opinions currently published

Title XVI:

  • Canon 828
  • Canon 829
  • Canon 830
  • Canon 831
  • Canon 832
    • Canon 1116 and CCEO Canon 832 §1: The Application of the Extraordinary Form of Marriage to Unions Celebrated Between Orthodox Parties Celebrated without Priestly Blessing; P. Nikolaus Schöch, OFM, JCD; 2006, pp. 72-78; No compilation
  • Canon 834
    • CCEO Canons 5, 6, 834, 916: Eastern Catholic Form of Marriage - Proper Hierarch and Pastor; Francis J. Marini, JD, JCOD; 2001, pp. 169-177; Vol. 3, pp. 491-499
    • CCEO Canons 828, 834, 848: Validity of Marriage and Radical Sanation; Francis J. Marini, JD, JCOD, and Amy Jill Strickland, JCL; 2004, pp. 206-209; Vol. 3, pp. 530-533
    • CCEO Canon 834 §2 and CIC Canon 1127 §1: Convalidation of Marriage Already Celebrated; Robert J. Flummerfelt, JCL; 2006, pp. 111-113; No compilation
  • Canon 848

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Title  XVII:

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Title XVIII: No opinions currently published

Title XIX:

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Titles XX-XXIII: No opinions currently published

Title XXIV:

  • Canon 1063
    • CCEO Canon 1063 §3: Delegation of Appellate Competence; Jobe Abbass, OFM Conv, JCD; 2006, pp. 114-116; No compilation
  • Canon 1071
  • Canon 1087
    • CCEO Canon 1087 §2: Appointment of Judges; Jobe Abbass, OFM Conv, JCD; 2006, pp. 116-118; No compilation

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Title XXV: No opinions currently published

Title XXVI:

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Title XXVII:

  • Canon 1453
    • Canon 1395 §2 [CCEO c. 1453 §1]: An Offense against the Sixth Commandment of the Decalogue; William H. Woestman, OMI, JCD; 2006, pp. 86-88; No compilation

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Titles XXVIII-XXX: No opinions currently published

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